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  • How do I join or contact the Loup City Area Chamber of Commerce?
    - Online: -Fill out the application form on the web site ( Loup City ) Email the Chamber at lcchamber@cornhusker.netor call the Chamber (308-745-0430) with your information and phone number. - In Person: Speak to any member of the board. They will get you the application and answer any questions you have. - At meetings: all the above are available in person at our monthly meetings.
  • How often does the Chamber meet?
    - General Chamber meetings are the third Thursday of each month. Board meetings are on the first Thursday of each month. Locations change, but will be posted on the web site. Most meetings are at noon; however, we occasionally have a night-time get together at one of the local establishments.
  • Who are the Chamber Members?
    General members are listed on the home page of this website under businesses.
  • Does a person need to own a business to be a Chamber member?
    -No; we have many involved community members who have joined to be a part of making Loup City a great place to live! Individual memberships are relatively cheap: $30/year.
  • How can a person bring an idea to the Chamber if they are not a member?
    -Easy! Contact any member and talk about it. -Come to a meeting and present your idea. We have had many of these, and they often result in Chamber support or an activity. One note: be prepared for some discussion, since as a Chamber we are obliged to responsibly manage our resources. -Volunteer to help in our activities!
  • What does the Chamber of Commerce do?
    -Foremost is the boost in business resulting from bringing people to Loup City for events. -The Chamber is your best point of contact for collective advertising in regional papers, magazines, and television or radio. Together, we can often get a pretty good deal. -Specific advertising and presence. The Loup City and Area phone pamphlet is a good example, or this website (which is free to all Chamber Members). The goal is to make it easy for potential customers in all categories to contact you or your business. Our “First Dollar” program and annual business awards also illuminate the presence and make-up of your business. -“Buy Local” initiatives such as Chamber Bucks. These can be redeemed by member businesses, keeping buying dollars here in Loup City. -The Chamber of Commerce provides you, as a member, the ability to contribute your ideas, oftentimes funding initiatives that enhance business.
  • What kinds of things does the Chamber contribute to the community?
    -Pick any month of the year; your Chamber is doing something to make Loup City a better and more attractive place to live. We’re all familiar with the “Big Events”, such as Polish Days, the Chamber Golf tournament, or Christmas Cheer. The Chamber of Commerce also drives or is part of many other activities. The Farmers Market, the City-Wide yard sale, the free BBQ during the County Fair, and contributions to many charities and organizations are all activities that are constantly being planned, projected, or are ongoing.
  • What can the Chamber do to help?
    -The Chamber is composed of people who want Loup City to be a great place to live. Members are able to lead or influence the many activities we conduct each year. If you’re looking for help, come and talk to us, and we’ll see what we can do. Specific examples: -If you’re a college bound student, apply for our $350 Chamber Scholarship. -If you’re a startup business, let us write about you as part of our “First Dollar” program. -If you’re an existing business, check out our events; join, help, or lead a project: Get your ideas heard! -If you’re a resident and would like contribute, come to one of our meetings, or contact a member. -If you’re considering moving into the area, talk to our Board or Members to get a feel for the business and cultural aspects of Loup City.
  • What is the cost to be a Chamber member?
    -Your first year is Free!!! What a deal! -Annual dues are based on your status: Individual non-business Membership: $30/year Single person business: $50/year Small local business: 10 Employees) $100/year Larger local business: (>10 Employees) $150/year Franchise or regional business $300/year
  • Why should my small home-based business be a part of the Chamber?
    -You never know where your next lead, purchase, or sale will come from. Tap into the Chamber of Commerce and you might make contacts you hadn’t seen before and open new markets. These days, word of mouth combines with internet friends and followers; don’t miss out! -Being in the Chamber means having an influence. You might just figure out how to use an event to bring in more opportunity or start an event that works for you as well as the rest of the brick and mortars. -There is a wealth of knowledge resident in our Chamber. LB-840 loans, City Ordinances, experience with the IRS or State Tax offices, or internet savvy may be available by turning to the member on your left or right at a meeting and asking a question! -Do you have kids, grandkids, or other family here? Do you eat? Lots of our events and activities like the Free BBQ at the County Fair, or the Fireworks, or the Chamber Scholarship are good things for your family. Being part of the Chamber means you can ensure those things stay . . . and stay good.
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