Many events are offered throughout the year.


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Polish Days

Loup City’s Annual Celebration of our Polish Heritage.  They call Loup City “The Polish Capital of Nebraska” with good reason.  Held on the second weekend of June, Polish Days begins with a Parade, and includes Rides, Amusements, Cultural events, Contests, a Beer Garden and Polka music, and of course, an awesome selection of Polish Food! Find out the details of this great celebration at: 


Easter Egg Hunt

Each year Loup City hosts an egg and candy hunt on the Courthouse Square.  It’s a great opportunity to watch your kids and grandchildren.  Highlights are contests or drawings for Easter Baskets, “Exchanges” where eggs can be turned in for small prizes, and of course a visit from the Easter Bunny! Don’t miss it. 


Scholarships and Honors

We recognize the critical role of Loup City High School in our community, and recognize that its students are literally our future. Accordingly, the Chamber of Commerce helps with the Honors Banquet, recognizing the Educator of the Year. This award goes to the single individual at the school who most impacts students lives.  We also award a $350 Scholarship to one of the graduating Seniors each year. Finally, at the beginning of the School Year, the Chamber welcomes all teachers back to work with a Lunch Social Meal, held at the High School.


County Fair Barbecue

The Chamber funds and runs this on the last Tuesday of the fair each year.  A delicious meal of Barbecued Beef, Baked Beans, Chips, Tea or Lemonade, and Ice Cream for dessert is free for all who attend.  While we do have donation jars at this event, the Chamber uses the funds for community-enhancing purchases, such as a large part of the new sign at the Fairgrounds.



Everyone loves Fireworks, so the Chamber provides and coordinates funding for this event.  Fireworks are now a part of the Polish Days event, occurring after dark on the second Saturday of June.


Christmas Cheer and Promotions

On the first Saturday of December, Santa comes to Loup City.  This event takes place at the Community Center and includes vendors and “Kid Zone” activities.  It is also the culminating event of the many raffles, contests, and prizes that are run during the Christmas season.  All provided by your Loup City Area Chamber of Commerce!


Halloween Parade

Do you want to see something really cool?  Come to Loup City around Halloween and watch the kids parade along the sidewalks downtown.  You can see Aliens, Monsters, Superheroes, the entire Offensive team of the Huskers, all as worn by our Kindergarten to Third Grade students!  We thank the Loup City Schools for bringing them down in the afternoon, and reward them by loading the kids up with Sugar Treats so the teachers will be well employed for the rest of the day!


City Wide Garage Sales

Your Chamber sponsors and organizes this on the nearest Saturday to the 4thof July.  Want to get rid of stuff?  Have a garage sale with lots of the other residents.  In numbers, there is strength so the City is always full of bargain hunters! Want to find some neat stuff? There it is, laid out in front of the garages of Loup City residents!


Junk Jaunt

The Chamber supports this awesome event which brings literally thousands of visitors to our small town, showcasing one of the best places in the state to live.  What’s more, it’s another great opportunity to empty your attic and garage!