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Thank you so much for visiting our volunteer/donations page!


We are so excited to have you as a team member with the Loup City Chamber of Commerce please let us know if there are any questions you have.


Have an idea?  Want to make a difference?  Be a part of the richness of life in Loup City by volunteering to help out with one of our many events.  In return, you’ll make life better for all of us, be recognized as a doer (not a talker), and experience both the trials and triumphs of making a good thing happen.  Sign up now!

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Nothing happens for free. Your Chamber works hard to bring a variety of events and activities to Loup City, but we need your financial support. Some of our events make a profit, but many depend on your generosity (think Fireworks or the Easter Egg Hunt) to take place.  You can donate in general or to a specific event, but either way, every penny goes directly to the events.

Make your donation


Please fill out the application and we will be in contact with you about the event, meeting dates, and all other details. 


We can not thank you enough for making a donation!


Make your donation through PayPal by clicking the donate button below

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P.O. Box 24, 833 S. 8th Street

  Loup City, NE  68853

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