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Why you should become a member!

We as the “Chamber Board” would like you to become a member of Loup City Area Chamber of Commerce.  You becoming

a Chamber Member would benefit the Chamber, and the Chamber’s goal would be to benefit you and your business.




Loup City Chamber of Commerce is an organization that is community oriented and is always looking for ways to improve the community.  By joining the Chamber of Commerce, you would always be included in, but not limited to:

  • Advertising/marketing – helping to promote your business as well as community over all

    • a great way to make marketing dollars for tourism go further

    • Electronic and Social Medium advertising

    • Great deals in Print advertising

  • Being able to receive advance notice of community events

  • E-mail communications from the chamber office on opportunities that could help promote/benefit your business

  •  As an individual/business being able to propose/discuss ideas and give feedback for the betterment of Loup City

    • being able to share ideas, challenges/solutions with other small businessmen/women in the same rural economic environment

    • Access many opinions via membership email

  • Many opportunities to volunteer giving back to the patrons that support your business and our community

  • Purchasing in town for chamber sponsored events

  • Chamber Bucks – a great way to keep dollars in town.

  • Correspond with Sherman Lake ie. Fishing Tournaments, fireworks, other events


Chamber sponsored Events include:

  • City Wide Garage Sales

  • Nebraska Junk Jaunt

  • Fireworks at Sherman Lake or in Loup City

  • Polish Days

  • Sherman County Fair BBQ

  • Easter Egg hunt           

  • Christmas Promotion

  • Halloween Parade

  • School Functions:        Honors Banquet, Teacher Welcome, $350 Scholarship


Loup City Area Chamber of Commerce supports all of Loup City businesses even if they are not members.  


It looks good on paper, but imagine what our community would be if everyone would come together and work with one goal – moving forward as a community.  What a way to promote the community as well your business.

Please join today!


Of course the age old question: How much does it cost to join the Chamber: (Based on income/# Employees)

            Individuals                               $30/year

            Small or Home Business       $50/year

            Medium Sized Business         $75-$150

            Large Business                       $175-$300

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